Joey Monsoon @ Lindsay Gallery

DAF favourite Joey Monsoon (featured) has a new exhibition at Lindsay Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

“Monsoon paints people who have been worn down by the lives they have lived, and that wear and tear shows in their eyes, their skin… even their posture. But as world weary as they are, he always treats them with the respect and dignity that a hard-lived life deserves.  It’s remarkable for a self-taught painter to be able to depict people from the inside out. To show us how their struggles in life have affected the way their skin hangs on muscle and bone… so that we can clearly see who they are, and imagine what they have experienced.  These are not “pretty” paintings… but they are beautiful in their own way. ” (from Lindsay Gallery)

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paintings: art paintings, portrait paintings and oil painting

Joey Monsoon: Painting

Joey-MonsoonThe latest work from one of DAF’s favourites Joey  Monsoon. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Monsoon fell in love with drawing heroes and characters as a child and has never stopped.  Monsoon’s work is influenced by the work of Egon Schiele, Barry McGee, and Doze Green, among others.

My figures and portraits hover somewhere between reality and myth. Their worldly weariness is revealed through a dream-like lens. They are not so much portraits of people as they are portraits of emotional triumphs and failures. We don’t always know their stories, yet in our gut we know how they feel.” (from Lindsay Gallery)

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paintings: art paintings, portrait paintings and oil painting