There are currently three opportunities for artists to have their work featured on Daily Art Fixx:

1. Group Feature: One image in a group gallery.  Your image will be credited with your name, title of the work, and a link to your website.

2. Short Feature:  1-4 works featured with a short bio and a link to the artist’s website.

3. Full Feature: 6 or more works with a full biography and a link to the artist website.

If you are an artist or gallery and would like to submit your (or your client’s) work, email the website link where we can review the work. Alternatively, you may send 2 or 3 works by email.  Please ensure that the images are cropped, 300dpi (preferred), and in focus.  If you want us to cover an event, please let us know well ahead of time.  We receive hundreds of event listings monthly and need time to go through them.

Guest Writers:

Artists and writers are welcome to submit ideas for feature articles.

I receive many submissions every week and unfortunately can only respond to those artists who are chosen to be featured.  :-)

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