Art-e-Facts: 5 Random Art Facts VI

Escaping Criticism - Pere Borrell del Caso - 18741. The term Trompe-l’œil, (French for “that which deceives the eye”), is an art technique where the artist reproduces realistic images that fools the viewers’ eye into perceiving an image as three-dimensional. Artists have been creating Trompe l’oeil art since the discovery of perspective techniques dating as far back as 400 B. C. and it was part of the culture of the Greek and Roman Empires.

Les Saisons - Alsphonse Mucha2. When the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939, Art Nouveau pioneer Alphonse Mucha was one of the first to be arrested by the Gestapo.  He was questioned and eventually released, but having suffered from pneumonia shortly beforehand, his health was weakened by the ordeal.  He died not long after on July 14, 1939.  Over 100,000 Czechs attended the funeral despite a Nazi ban on the event.

The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors-The Large Glass - Marcel Duchamp3. Marcel Duchamp spent more than eight years creating his masterpiece “The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors( aka The Large Glass)”. After an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York in 1926, the glass was shattered in transit. Duchamp thought of the accident as another part of its design that was determined by chance.  He spent weeks carefully reassembling the pieces.

Omo Tribes Ethiopia Body Painting4. Body painting is considered by many to be the most ancient form of art. The discovery of coloured pigments about 75 thousand years ago (many believe even further back) indicates that long before people covered their bodies with clothing, they decorated themselves with paint.

Andy Warhol - Self Portrait - 19865. On June 3, 1968, Andy Warhol and art critic/curator Mario Amaya, were shot by Valerie Solanas after she was turned away from Warhol’s Factory studio. Warhol’s wound was almost fatal and would affect him physically and mentally for the rest of his life.

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Jerihely Leal: Caricatures

The Jack © Jerihely Leal Marilyn © Jerihely Leal Adrien © Jerihely Leal

This week’s Deviant is painter/illustrator Jerihely Leal. Born in Venezuela in 1976, Leal studied Electronic Engineering and graduated in 1998 but soon abandoned that field in favour of his lifelong dream of working as an artist.  It was not long after that Leal began working as an illustrator for a national sports magazine as well as creating a number of covers for a well known political magazine.

Leal moved to Spain for a short period in 2001 to immerse himself in the history and technique of art. After returning home, Leal received the 2003 “Pedro Leon Zapata Award”, the biggest award for caricaturists in Venezuela.

To create his incredible images, Leal  works with pencil on paper, acrylic on board, and acrylic on canvas. The results are some of the most realistic yet hilarious caricatures I’ve ever encountered.

Leal currently works at a number of jobs including a national newspaper, a sports magazine in Spain, and as an illustrator and creative consultant for major publicity agencies.

To see more of J. Leals work, visit his profile on Deviant Art or his portfolio at

Johnny Depp © Jerihely Leal My Old Man © Jerihely Leal Malkovich © Jerihely Leal

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