Steampunk Art: PBS Arts Off Book

Steampunk in the arts – Check out this interesting video from PBS Arts Off Book. “Steampunk art evokes an alternate reality where steam is the primary source of power. Technology, though highly advanced, has taken on a very different look and feel, and fashion is heavily influenced by Victorian styles.”

Featuring Joey Marsocci aka Dr Grymm, Third Rail Projects, Composer David Bruce, and the Ensemble ACJW.

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Jason deCaires Taylor: Museo Subaquatico de Arte

Inertia-Jason-deCaires-TaylorFascinating video from internationally acclaimed eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. Creating underwater living sculptures, deCaires Taylor offers viewers “mysterious, ephemeral encounters and fleeting glimmers of another world where art develops from the effects of nature on the efforts of man. His site-specific, permanent installations are designed to act as artificial reefs, attracting corals, increasing marine biomass and aggregating fish species, while crucially diverting tourists away from fragile natural reefs and thus providing space for natural rejuvenation. Subject to the abstract metamorphosis of the underwater environment, his works symbolize a striking symbiosis between man and nature, balancing messages of hope and loss.”

“Taylor’s sculptures change over time with the effects of their environment. These factors create a living aspect to the works, which would be impossible to reproduce artificially. As time passes and the works develop biological growth, they redefine the underwater landscape, evolving within the narrative of nature.” (from artist website)

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paintings: art paintings, portrait paintings and oil painting