Patrice Hubert: Kinétic Mécanik

French artist Patrice Hubert is a self-taught sculptor, inventor and creator of the unique performance works entitled, “Kinetic Mecanik”  Hubert’s work fits into the Gothic Revival of the late 19th Century and New Age movement of the 1970’s.  Inspired by HR Giger and Hieronymus Bosch, he uses the inventiveness from da Vinci to Jack Kirby to create metal sculptures that come to life.

Hubert’s allegorical sculptures, monumental in size, evoke the curiosity of machines and the organic forms of nature heavily weighted within the “Steampunk” movement where present day technology is still being run by steam.  Fantastical yet fictional, Hubert’s sculptures melds the cold and often mechanical side of man and within the same, creates life like creatures that evoke spiders and insects. The Work, which is rebellious, yet philosophically beautiful, the work stands to presume a time of the past and future yet each sculpture is kinetic in nature and a fully functional moving sculpture, ensuring that the motors are hidden and the lights emerge from within the pieces bringing life to his late 19th century inspirations.

Not unlike a race car or roller coaster, Hubert’s work begins with an accelerated motion until it reaches its full velocity.  The work stands to question our own physical movement beckoning us to question the psychological rebellion each individual incurs when confronted with the new and the desire to remain in the comfort of the past. (bio from The Conference Room)

To see more of Hubert’s work, visit Check out videos of these kinetic creations in motion on You Tube.

Discovered via:  Hi-Fructose