Jan Oliehoek: Photo Manipulation


A little weird, a little creepy, a little beautiful.  These are the photo manipulations of Jan Oliehoek. Based in Leiden, Netherlands, Oliehoek has a Masters degree in Biology, works as an IT specialist, for a biopharmaceutical company, and creates his surreal hybrids as a hobby.

“I try to create images that are both photorealistic and impossible at the same time. There are countless ways to accomplish this, and combining several animals into one hybrid is one of them. On top of that, I find that some animals just look amazing and beautiful. If on top of that they are then photographed by a really good photographer, I am already more than half way in creating a cool image without even having touched it yet.”

To see more of Oliehoek’s intriguing images, visit JanOliehoek.com.

Sources: The Design Inspiration