Alice Vander Vennen – Mixed Media

Alice Vander Vennen was born in 1957 in Southwestern Ontario and now lives in Cobourg, Ontario. Vander Vennen completed her BA in Art Education at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has studied visual art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has practiced as a professional artist since 1980, with exhibits in Canada and the United States. (from Oeno Gallery)

Artist Statement: “The journey of life reflects a capability of piecing together many views of the world, activities and relationships as an expression of one’s vision. I attempt to reflect this as I work with multiple materiality, fabric, branches, wire, copper, paper and ceramic shards as part of a visual language suggesting a story. The story is part women’s history, the meaning of objects in everyday life and the collection and sorting of intriguing things. I strive to have my art speak as a celebration of the human spirit in relation to its Creator, whether from secret spaces or the most flamboyant expressions. The works form a record of my own journey in life.”

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