Dao Hai Phong: Painting

The Flower Vendor © Dao Hai PhongDao Hai Phong was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1965 and is the son of well known film artist Dao Duc Phong.  He graduated from the film design department of the Hanoi College of Film and Theater in 1987 and from 1992 onward, has devoted himself to painting.

Painting mainly in oils on canvas, Phong’s bold coloured images are detailed but typically “devoid of people and characterized by a peaceful emptiness”. Inspired by his travels during his work on films, Phong is currently Chief Designer at a Vietnam Film Studio and continues to paint and exhibit his work.

Phong’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout Vietnam, as well as in Britain, Hong Kong, Laos, the United States, Italy, Singapore, and Switzerland.

To learn more, visit Daohaiphong.vxartgallery.comToriizaka Art, or Thavibu Gallery.