Jim Darling: Mixed Media

Jim Darling grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas and moved to Denver to study graphic design. After spending eight years in Colorado,  he moved to Los Angeles to continue work as an Art Director, Illustrator, and Artist.

Darling’s work is currently on show at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice, California.  “Darling’s gallery work ranges from detailed ink drawings to layered woodwork with illustrative painted skins. Always having an eye out for found objects and materials, Jim’s new series “Bird’s Eye View” features uniquely carved woodwork embellished with a stylized aerosol and acrylic technique. Each piece is a 3-dimensional glimpse of intricately patterned rooftop landscapes balanced by the expansive vista of the open horizon. The work captures the imagination and instills a feeling of curiosity as one peers into the playful mosaic of these urban landscapes.”

“Bird’s Eye View” runs through May 7, 2011.  To see more, visit JimDarling.com.