Matt Dangler: Surrealism

Godseed © Matt Dangler

Godseed © Matt Dangler

Today’s images are by American Surrealist Matt Dangler. Born in 1984, Dangler has a BFA in Illustration from Uarts in Philidelphia, PA.  Still new to the art world, Matt has already had successful solo exhibitions, has  illustrated a children’s book, and has won several awards.

At a recent show at Gallery1988 in San Francisco Dangler presented his “Searching for Satori” series.  “Through serene portrayals of expressive otherworldly creatures, Dangler visualizes and gives form to his personal quest for ‘Satori’, the Zen Buddhist term for a ‘sudden spiritual awakening’.”

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Binkys Big Breakout © Matt Dangler Sentinels of Serenity  © Matt Dangler Gray Spotted Foggler © Matt Dangler

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